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familyrtwebsite.jpgThe Millers

Lilies of the Field is a family-based business, in operation since 1992, and has grown to serve customers in all fifty states and many foreign countries. It is managed by the Miller family, and enabled by the wonderful seamstresses do the sewing in their own homes. Steve and Evelyn Miller were married in 1982, and they have eight children. Steve owns and operates a sewing machine and vacuum shop, and is the associate pastor of the church they attend. Evelyn's primary responsibilities are caring for their children and managing Lilies of the Field. All of their children have been homeschooled with help from a private teacher. Cristi resides in Ohio with her husband Andrew, and 4 children. Clinton enjoys ministry opportunities and works at a storage shed business. Patricia was married to Reagan in September 2018, and carries a lot of responsibility in the business, and enjoys traveling with her husband. Winston, married a lovely young lady named Bridget, they have a son, Lincoln. Clarissa is 23, and she is a big blessing at home with the many duties there, she also teaches violin. Sterling, age 21, builds storage barns and enjoys a rich social life. Dianna, age 19 does the shipping for Lilies. Stewart, age 16, is still in school and makes life around that house a fun experience.

The family's interests include: church ministry, making music, hunting, designing, traveling, art, fixing things and doing things together as a family.


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