Lilies of the Field Modest Clothes
The Love Story
Thus saith the Lord the Maker thereof,
the Lord that formed it, to establish it; the Lord is His name;

Call unto Me and I will answer thee,
and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

And it shall be to Me a name of joy, a praise and an honour before all the nations of the earth, which shall hear all the good that I do unto them: and they shall fear and tremble for all the goodness and for all the prosperity that I provide for them.

Thus saith the Lord; again there shall be heard in this place... the voice of joy, and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom, and the voice of the bride, the voice of them that shall say, Praise the Lord of Hosts: for the Lord is good; for His mercy endureth forever: and of them that shall bring the sacrifice of praise into the house of the Lord.
Jeremiah 33
A message from Andrew and Cristi:

The following is our love story, written by the Author of Romance. We are humbled that God would choose us to be actors in this precious story of His perfect timing, love, and wisdom. We cannot claim any glory for what God has done in our lives, it is His work. We are living proof of the profound truth that we do not need to "help God out" in finding a marriage partner. God can and does direct without us going out and pursuing a mate in our own wisdom. Though we have not been perfect by any means, we desire that this story He has given us can be a blessing and challenge to follow God whole-heartedly, keep yourself pure, and wait on His will and timing for the one He has for you.

The story:

A girl from Kansas, and a guy from Ohio. One-thousand miles separated them; no way for paths to cross, and no idea the other even existed. But they had a desire in their hearts to have God’s best for their marriage partners, and commitment to wait until He would show them who and when it was to happen. In the summer of 2005, when Andrew Glick was 23, and Cristi Miller was 19, God brought their families together and began orchestrating their love story, even though neither of them knew at the time.

For a little background, both families home school; John and Lanette Glick have nine children, and Steve and Evelyn Miller have eight. Andrew has five younger brothers, and three younger sisters; Cristi has four younger brothers, and three younger sisters. They share many similar church experiences and convictions on doctrine and modesty. One of their greatest blessings, are parents who are committed to serving Christ and helping their children follow Him too.

In June 2005, the Glick family was on a singing tour through the United States, giving musical services in prisons, churches, and nursing homes. Cristi’s family has always enjoyed music, and her father, Steve, thought that a chance to meet another singing family would be an encouragement to the children, so he invited the Glicks over for dinner one afternoon. Usually they do not accept dinner invitations because of the challenges of preparing the whole family for a program in the evening, but Andrew’s father, John, felt from the Lord that they should accept this time.

They pulled into the Miller’s lane in their 40 ft. ministry bus, and soon made acquaintances. When they came into the house, Cristi began to introduce her family to Lanette Glick, Andrew’s mother. She went through the other children’s names and ages, but when she introduced herself and gave her age as 19, something divinely struck Lanette and she knew in her innermost being that “this is to be Andrew’s wife.” She battled with the thought, telling the Lord that she was too young to be taken from her mother, but the feeling was unshakable. Cristi was blissfully unaware that anything unusual had occurred, and throughout the day Lanette did not tell a soul what she had experienced. They had a nice, uneventful meal together and got better acquainted. A few hours later, the Glicks left to set up at the gym where their program was that night.

During the program, John was looking out over the audience, and suddenly he saw what looked to him like an angel. He had not noticed her earlier that day, thinking she was probably only 13 or 14 years old, but now it seemed to him that “Cristi”, sitting in the audience, “was a 300 watt bulb, and everyone else, only 40 watt bulbs”. At that moment the Lord told him, “She is to be Andrew’s wife.” The impression was so strong that he experienced difficulty sleeping for the next several weeks.

Though God had spoken very strongly to both John and Lanette, they pondered it in their hearts for several weeks before even telling each other what they had experienced. When they did acknowledge it to each other, they decided that it would be best not to tell Andrew. As Lanette told John, “If Cristi is right for Andrew, God will have to tell him.” They began diligently praying for the Millers and Cristi, that God would prepare their hearts for what they felt He was doing.

Cristi enjoyed the Glick family and deeply appreciated what she saw in them, but didn't seriously consider a romance with Andrew at the time. Meanwhile the Millers did not know what all had transpired in John and Lanette’s hearts, but when John asked about returning to visit the next month, Steve and Evelyn began to wonder if something was up. The Glicks did return in July, but Cristi was on yet another tour, singing choral music in prisons in Colorado. Though disappointed, they did have a very nice time getting to know the family better, and John and Lanette simply had to trust that God would be faithful to fulfill what He had revealed.

In the early part of 2006, God began working in Andrew’s heart with thoughts of Cristi Miller from Kansas. “This is crazy!” He protested! “I’ve only ever seen her one time in my whole life!” But as he prayed about her, it seemed that God just wouldn't take her off of his mind. Andrew grew to love this girl he barely knew, in fact, he had no idea if she was dating or already had a special friend.

Later that spring, the Glicks recorded another album, named appropriately enough, “Time Always Changes”. One song Andrew was to sing on that CD was entitled “When to do What?”, and as he went into the studio, all he could think was “Cristi...Cristi...Cristi”. His siblings teased him occasionally about her, so by the counsel of another single friend, he decided to play along with the teasing, in hopes they’d back off. The only problem was, they didn’t!

In May, the Glicks had a six-week tour scheduled for Mexico and various states in the US. Their route once again took them through Kansas for five programs, four of them in prison. There was one difficulty though, because the Kansas prison system only allows adults 18 and over to enter the facilities. That meant that only the three oldest Glick chilren could get in with their parents. This greatly limited what they could do, so they called and asked if Clinton, (Cristi’s next brother), could come in with them and play the bass guitar, and if Cristi could come help do vocals.

So toward the end of May, 2006, Clinton and Cristi joined them in the Kansas programs, even travelling to Topeka on the bus while the younger Glick children stayed at the Miller’s home overnight. That particular Saturday night, John talked to the inmate women, sharing about their family, and Andrew’s commitment to purity. He had purposed in his heart not to date between the ages of 15-20, and when he did date, it would be for marriage, not for fun or a pastime. Cristi listened, though trying not to be visibly impressed, her respect for him grew as she realized he still had never had a date. His brothers had tried to be helpful; texting him messages from "God", and attempting to play Holy Spirit in his life, but so far it hadn’t worked.

After the service, John gave an altar call, and because so many women responded, he asked his wife, daughter, and Cristi to pray with the women. As Cristi went toward the altar, a woman came to her with open arms. The first words out of her mouth were: “You’re going to marry him, aren’t you.” It was said as a statement or fact rather than a question. A slightly startled Cristi responded with “no, I don’t think so”, which she really didn’t. The woman persisted, “I thought the Spirit told me that”. Cristi replied that she still really didn’t think so, and inwardly wondered if that was the right spirit. On the bus that night she wrote about it in her journal with an amused smile, but told no one.

Andrew’s next sister, Dawnette, and Cristi had a wonderful time becoming friends and discovering many things they had in common, especially in personality and spiritual areas, but also funny little things. Cristi was still unaware of anything romantic going on, partly unaware by choice. She sensed a very unique realness and dedication to serving God in their lives, and desperately wanted to avoid hypocritical motives in relating to them. As she purposed in her heart over that time, “we are doing ministry, forget romance!” But she was confused, because she had earlier believed the Lord was directing her elsewhere, but lately, it seemed she was getting only silence from heaven and the word “Wait”.

Throughout the weekend, whenever the thought of romance flitted by, she refused to consider it. But she couldn’t help but notice the one quality in Andrew that she’d looked for in a husband, and very rarely ever seen in guys: a complete dedication and love for God that was his highest priority. And he didn’t really have to say it, she could see it in the way he lived. It was a desire she felt God had instilled in her heart, yet she had often struggled with it. “God, if you give me that desire, why don’t You make any men like that?” Now here was one, but it was only after the tour when the Glicks went home to Ohio, that she really could think about it, and realize the pull in her heart for him. She was very grateful that Andrew had been too respectful to hint at any romantic possibilities; it enabled her to act normal and free when their families were together.

Back to the night of the last program, at the gym Andrew’s mind was spinning! He had been thinking and praying about Cristi for months, and had asked the Lord to make it clear before they arrived in Kansas if she was the one for him. But God had not moved in quite the way he had hoped. There was no stunning revelation, but he was blown away as he observed her that weekend and realized that she had all the character and disciplines that he'd dreamed of in a wife and more! Just before the service on the bus, he asked his father what he thought about Cristi. But before he even got around to asking for permission to pursue a relationship with her, his father gave him their blessing!

At that point Andrew had no idea what all had transpired in his parents’ hearts, and that evening as he sang “When to do What”, he really was wondering. Afterward, he went into a back room and cried out to God to show Him for sure. “God,” he prayed, “I know what my dad says, I know what my heart says, but I really want to know from You--is this Your will?” He looked around the room and saw a scripture reference written on the blackboard. However, it was sloppily written, and he couldn’t tell if it was verse 12 or verse 17. Opening a Bible that was laying nearby, he looked up both verses, and both of them talked about love being made complete. Andrew then pulled his dad aside and told him that they needed to have a talk! Cristi, still as clueless as ever, accidently interrupted their conversation when she went into that back room for her violin. Horrified to have intruded, she quickly left and pushed all thoughts of what they could’ve been talking about to the back of her mind. It was then that John finally related to Andrew what the Lord had revealed to them almost one year earlier. Andrew asked his father to ask Steve for permission to court his daughter for the purpose of marriage, and if he agreed, to ask Cristi.

The next day while their children were playing in the river, John and Lanette talked with Steve and Evelyn about Andrew’s interest in their daughter. Steve and Evelyn waited one week to ask Cristi because she was arranging flowers for a friend’s wedding that week, and didn’t need anything to distract her. When they took her out for icecream and told her, she was shocked! For 16 days she prayed about it, and her parents called people that John had given as references to learn more about him. As Steve and Evelyn heard what people close to Andrew said of him, it was confirmed in their hearts that he was qualified to be a wonderful husband to their daughter, but they left the choice up to her. Cristi had a few questions that she requested her mother to ask Lanette, which she did. After much prayer, thought, and communication with her parents, Cristi gave him her answer: “YES!”

Following Cristi’s decision was a very humorous chain of events. Steve texted John to call him so they could talk, and in doing so, included the words of the song, “Till the Answer Comes, Gotta Keep Praying”. Well the answer had come, but when John received the message, he wasn’t sure if he should believe it or not. The reason being that some of Andrew’s younger brothers had been texting him with messages from “Steve” for several days. To make matters more confusing, they had been singing the song “Till the Answer Comes” to Andrew as well. Cristi’s dad had no idea of all this, but John finally called after checking with his boys to make sure they hadn’t sent it and it was for real. That night, June 20th, 2006, after their fathers had communicated, and Andrew had talked with Steve and Evelyn, Andrew and Cristi had their first date/phone conversation! They spent a lot of time on the phone learning to know each other, though sometimes the cell connection made it difficult when Andrew was on tour in Canada for the first weeks of their relationship. Several weeks later Cristi and Clinton joined the Glicks for the last part of their seven-week tour, which ended at the Miller's home in Kansas.

On September 12, 2006, when the whole Miller family was in Ohio visiting the Glicks, Andrew took Cristi to a very special place and asked her to marry him! And she gave him a very delighted "Yes!"

Andrew and Cristi have had the opportunity to experience a lot of different things together in the time since they began courting: ministry on the road, enjoying nature and cowboy country in Wyoming, sharing unique perspectives on their interests in art and photography, working together on the Lilies of the Field catalog, planning for their wedding on March 3rd, 2007, recording piano music for their wedding, shopping together, and preparing (with a lot of help from Andrew's father and the rest of his family!) their place to live in Ohio which God miraculously provided for them the day after their engagement.

Please pray for Andrew and Cristi as well as their families as they face the new adjustments and adventures to come. May the grace of Jesus shine upon your lives!
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