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Ordering Guide

 How long will it take to get my order?

We make almost all of the garments custom for you after you place your order so completion time is longer than typical clothing sites. Standard orders normally take 3-4 weeks, however if you need something sooner, please call us to place your order and we will expedite the process.  Less then 3 weeks is a 10% rush charge.  For 10 days or less there is a 25% rush charge.

For orders that aren't urgent but needed by a certain time, please write the desired arrival date in the comments box on the "Order Confirmation" page in checkout.


Choosing Fabric 

We have recommended fabric options for each style.

However, on most styles we also have the option of choosing basically any fabric we have. To see our fabric options go to "View Fabrics" under the header, decide on your fabric, and write the fabric code in the comments box and select the “Other” button under the Fabric: option.  This option is not available on all styles.


You can also send in your own fabric, simply choose the “Use your own fabric” button under Fabric: and send us the fabric with your information and item description. If you prefer to just send your written order in with the fabric we are fine with that as well.

Here is how much fabric we need for the various styles. 

Most Ladies Dresses require about 4 yards per dress if the fabric is 45” wide. 

Ladies Jumpers require about 3 yards plus 1/2 to 2/3 yards for lining.

Ladies blouses take 2 1/4 yards.

Girls dresses XS-M require 2 - 2 1/2 yards, and L-XXL take 3 - 3-1/2.

Baby dresses take 1 yard.

On ladies skirts there are many variables, so please call for yardage.

If fabric is 60”wide figure 1 yard less on ladies dresses, and 1/2 yard less for smaller items.

If the fabric has a one way design then please add approximately 30% to the previous calculations.  (example. 3 yards = 4 yards)



How to find your size

Our size charts state what the garments actually measure*.  Please don’t let this confuse you. You will want your measurements to be a little less depending on how fitted you wear your clothes. Make sure you have room to move and breath!


Fit Guidelines
Tight fitting: Actual chest/bust measurement or less
Close-fitting: 1–2"/2.5–5cm
Standard-fitting: 2–4"/5–10cm
Loose-fitting: 4–6”/10–15cm
Over-sized: 6"/15cm or more


We recommend at least 2”extra beyond the measurement at your fullest point. Less then that is just not comfortable when the fabric is not stretchy. Up to 4-6” extra is not too much for comfort and wearing ease on dresses. Our dresses are intended to be roomy at the bust. If you have a dress that fits you well, lay the dress out flat, measure across shoulders, length of bodice, and length from shoulder to hem. Then compare the dress measurements with the size charts.

Dresses come in standard waist lengths. Long-waisted persons may request additional bodice length. Shoulder measurements are taken across back from sleeve to sleeve at the shoulder seam. Length measurements are taken from mid shoulder. Any of our garments may be shortened or lengthened by request. All measurements are in inches. If you have any questions or if there is something you don't understand, please feel free to call us — we're happy to help you.


 * see swimwear description for special sizing guidelines. 



Special Requests 

We will try our best to honor special requests you may have. Each special request not given as an option on our site, where we need to make a special cut, such as longer of shorter waistlines, wider or narrower cuts, special fits, or other requests where we deviate from the pattern will cost $3 per deviation. If you write these in the comments box we will have to just the price after the order is placed and run another charge.  If you have adjustments please call in to place the order and get correct total.


If you have any questions please call, 620-567-2353 between the hours of 10a.m. and 5p.m. Central Standard Time and ask for Evelyn.  We will be happy to help you! We are a cottage industry so if you call outside our hours you may get a more personal greeting. :-) 



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